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How to setup MagicBooking

Create your account with a valid email address as you will need to validate it via a link received by email. (One account per family should be created).
Fill in the registration form and follow the process on the screen.
Once you have completed the registration process, an email will automatically be sent to you. Open the email and validate your account by clicking the link

Review Your Personal Information

Go to “My Account”, review and complete missing data (address, contact details and mailing preferences).

Add Children To Your Account

You now need to add your child’s details, click “Add child”. Complete the form and save.

Now click each tab (Medical Info, Disabilities, Emergency Contacts, Collectors and Doctors) and complete the forms.
Only Emergency Contacts, Collectors and Doctor details are reusable if you have more than one child created.

Medical information, Medication, Dietary Needs & Allergies:
Click “Add” in the relevant section to add Dietary Needs, Medical Conditions, Medications and Allergies. You can add more than one in each section if needed. Make sure you complete all details, including emergency treatment if relevant, as it is important for your child’s well-being and ensures that staff are aware of any health problems or medication your child might have or need.

Disability & Special Educational Needs (SEND):
Again, it is important for your child’s well-being and safety that staff are aware of any Disabilities or Special Education Needs your child might have. Hiding such information may result in your child being turned down at the door if no resources are available to provide adequate care to him/her.

Emergency Contacts and Collectors:
When you register, your contact details are automatically added on both the Emergency and Collectors lists, however it is advisable to add another emergency contact in case you are not reachable in the event of an emergency. Some organisations impose more than one emergency contact; if it is the case you won’t be able to make a booking until you have entered the requested number of contacts.
You can’t use the same phone number for two emergency contacts.

This is the contact details of the Surgery your child is registered with.

Note: When you register a second child, additional contacts (collectors, Emergency contact and doctor) can be reused. Simply tick the relevant check boxes at the bottom of the child’s details form, so you won’t need to re-enter the same information again.

How To Book A Session

Once you have completed the above steps you can book activities online.
The system automatically checks your child’s age group and you will only be offered activities available for the child(ren) selected.

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