Our Philosophy

We believe in the child’s right to play and that play should be child led.

We provide a happy and safe environment where children can explore the world around them in their own way.

We love outdoor play and seek out every opportunity for children to be outside

We believe that children learn and develop independence and self-motivation from an enriched and supportive play environment.

We believe that children are experts at play, it’s our job to co-create an environment where Imaginations take flight…

Our Staffchilds play club staff

We love to play, its what we do, we are passionate about play and making sure every child has the best possible play experience at our settings.

Friendly, warm and welcoming to all! Just like children, each of our sites is totally unique. One thing they all share is a fun, creative, and nurturing play environment where children are free to
choose how and what they play. A place where children are actively encouraged to help choose, design and plan their own play.